So nice sounds innovation:

Mrs. Prof. Kerstin Grötsch
playing an Oscar Adler & Co.
clarinet made of [arbo]sonic®

Trios for clarinet, violin, cello
by Joseph Haydn:

Nr. 1 - listen (ca. 5MB)
Nr. 2 - listen (ca. 2MB)
Nr. 3 - listen (ca. 9MB)

HEYDAY'S® - Competence in Manufacturing Musical Instruments

Tradition and Innovation

We don't stand for innovation just for the innovation's sake at any cost. We are deeply rooted in the tradition of European instrument manufacturing and primarily committed to music and sound. The acoustics is our highest measure of quality - namely in the musician's ear.

Our core subjects are:

  • New materials
  • New methods
  • Product development / engineering
  • Consulting


Creating Surplus Benefits

Our broad competence network of scientists, engineers, instrument manufacturers, and, of course, musicians helps us with finding a solution for almost every problem. Our highest goal is the creation of true benefits for musicians and instrument manufacturers.

Come up to us - contact us - we offer help with:

  • Developing product ideas
  • Broadening unique selling propositions
  • Increasing time- & material efficiency
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving quality
The example button will link you with some of the various possibilities of our spectrum.