The End of Conventional Varnishes for Tubas & Co. ?

Non-ferrous and noble metals like copper, brass, bronce and silver are favorite materials for many instruments. Unfortunately, they are relatively sensitive. Discoloring, corrosion, dezincification (red rot) or tarnishing caused by harmful environmental influences and frequent usage are immediate negative effects.

Therefore the majority of today's instruments is varnished with a clear thermal cured coating. But even the thin versions have a layer thickness of several micrometers. As a result of the different vibration properties of hard metal and soft varnish, a negative distortion of the sound occurs.

Furthermore, conventional varnishes are relatively soft and less resistant against aggressive hand perspiration and mechanical stress. Once the surface is damaged, corrosion undercrawls the intact layer and continues its destructive work.

Until now, it has only been possible to varnish the outer surface, for which reason even a high-quality surface varnish did not protect your instrument against inner corrosion over the years.

HEYDAY'S® - manufactura / clear is a totally new and highly innovative coating system replacing common temperable varnishes in manufacturing which are adjusted to the respective substrate (base material).


  • extremely low dry film thickness
  • no negative acoustic side effects
  • covalent bond to metal
  • no filiform corrosion
  • high mechanical resistance
  • high resistance against hand perspiration and saliva
  • permanent protection against tarnish and corrosion
  • attractive surface
  • coating of inner tubes possible
  • needs no thermal treatment
  • modular extension for specific features possible

No More Seizing Valves - Without Lubrication!

Which brass musician does not know the problem of blocked valves and the annoying search for the right lubricant? Emulsified oil, precipitation, and corrosion can easily cause blocking of the valve unit. And you are fed up after your 3rd visit to your instrument dealer, whereas he feels almost uncomfortable charging you for his repeated emergency service. In the long run, no one should settle for that situation!

With HEYDAY'S® - slide / permanent we have developed a permanent coating for an extremely free movement of all types of valves of brass instruments. The coating reduces the micro-coarseness of the sliding surfaces and minimizes the surface energy.
As a result, adhesion of residues can be permanently avoided and friction reduced to a very large extent. The use of common lubricants is no longer necessary as the moisture film, which emerges while playing, serves as a sufficient lubricant.


  • free movement of valves of various types
  • minimal layer thickness allows coating of dimensionally accurate parts
  • high durability
  • covalent connection with metal additionally hinders corrosion and red rot
  • no common lubricants necessary any more
  • short maintenance intervals ? satisfied customers


Optimization of Conventional Electroplating

Electro silver plating seems to be the most popular refinement of surefaces. Some musicians "are able" to destroy a conventional silver plating on keywork of about 25my within one year.

Allergic reactions to nickel in the alpaka and visible lack follow soon. As an option you could increase layer thickness. But this might influence the acoustic qualities negatively and will not change the relative abrasion stability of the layer.

HEYDAY'S® - [add]diamo are additives for conventional(cyanidic) galvanic bathes for electro silver plating, which contain especially modified NANO - Diamons. The crystals are embedded in the galvanic layer during the process and will lead to a higher resistance of the final silver plating.

Benefit of HEYDAY'S® - [add]diamo:

  • 50% less wear off
  • 50% less frisction
  • Easier cleaning
  • Different brilliance grades possible

Replacement for grenadill, cocobolo & Co.

Can you imagine an oboe or clarinet that never tears or warps? A bassoon that uncomplainingly endures a bath? Recorders that do not swell and never have to be oiled any more?

You will say: Never - not with wood! And yet, we say: Yes!

HEYDAY'S® - [arbo]sonic is specially modified and refined timber for the manufacturing of instruments, whose superior acoustic, technological, and practical features have suprised also experienced professionals of instrument manufacturing.
The timber is carefully pre-selected for various purposes and
modified and refined in different specific procedures by our specialists.

HEYDAY'S® - [arbo]sonic is the ideal material for woodwind instruments as well as organ pipes etc.


  • superior acoustic features
  • almost absolute dimensional stability
  • no moisture expansion, no warping and shrinking
  • no water absorption
  • absolutely tearproof
  • no insertion of additional mass into the timber (i.e. waxes or oils)
  • light-weight
  • noble look like exotic woods - various grades available
  • no additional oiling or varnishing necessary, yet possible
  • easy processing with CNC-technology
  • no long-term cost intensive storage necessary


Functionality tailor made

HEYDAY'S® - manufactura / FX are innovative tailor made system solutions in the field of new materials and technologies for modification and refinement of surfaces and materials with different targets.

Focussed on development of customer driven problem solving such as reduction of tendency to trear of oboe/clarinet instru-ments made of grenadill, regulation of water run-off within wind instruments, improvement of wear off and tribology, develop-ment of surrogate materials.

Approach & targets:

  • Individual custom made solutions
  • Strategy development for marketing thereof 
  • Increase material efficiency
  • Find cost reduction potential
  • Evolve potential unique selling proposition
  • Generate high customer benefit and added value